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Kurt Vonnegut’s ‘Mother Night’ by Blake Sims

4 Aug

When the theme was chosen, I knew I was going to choose a book by Vonnegut. I read Man Without A Country and never looked back. I tore through Slaughter-House Five, demolished Cat’s Cradle, flew through Player Piano, etc.

My first choice for this entry was probably Slaughter-House Five, but then I remembered Mother Night. I read it directly after Jailbird, both shared similar themes, although Mother Night came out first. It’s definitely the better book. I’m pretty sure Vonnegut himself said so.

Rough plot to catch you up to this chapter of the book (stolen from wikipedia):

The fictional story of Howard W. Campbell Jr, an American, who moved to Germany directly after World War I and then later became alternately a well-known playwright and a Nazi propagandist. The action of the novel is narrated by Campbell himself. The premise is that he is writing his memoirs while awaiting trial for war crimes in an Israeli prison.