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Madman Vs. The Tentacles by Aaron Bir

18 Aug

Madman vs. The Tentacles by Aaron Bir


I love Madman and the surreal, pop art world that Mike Allred created. Allred also has one of the most beautiful brush strokes in the industry. I, on the other hand, drew this after four cups of coffee. Hope you dig it regardless of my shakiness,


Harry Potter by Aaron Bir

15 Jul

Harry Potter by Aaron Bir

An anticipation of the new and final Harry Potter movie, here’s my rendition of the leading man. I’m pretty happy with this one and look forward to any feedback. Thanks!

P.S. The runes spell Expecto Patronum, on repeat. 😉

Ookla the Mok by Aaron Bir

10 Jul

Ookla the Mok by Aaron Bir

This is a bit of a departure from the last three illustrations I’ve done for Lay of the Line. I was primarily interested in what hid in the shadows around Ookla’s eyes and under the mask (?) on his original design for Thundarr the Barbarian. I feel like I came up with a pretty decent solution.

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Link by Aaron Bir

21 Jun

Link by Aaron Bir

Here’s my first one. Wanted to make a really dynamic image that was very colorful. Think I succeeded on those fronts. Not so sure about the composition.