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Cloud Sea Lions.

17 Aug


This week’s theme was to go outside and look at the clouds, draw a grouping of cluds, then draw what we saw them as. You know, like you did as a kid, you’d look at a cloud and it would be a turtle.


Harry Potter.

14 Jul


I’ll just apologize to the fans now. I’m sorry.

Harry Potter by Blake Sims

14 Jul

In honor of the release of the final movie this round of Lay of the Line will be devoted to Harry Potter.

As a pretty big Potter fan I’ll probably be geeking out a little and posting a few different drawings. First up, Harry vs Voldemort:

Even though the movies are out there, I can’t recommend the books enough. They’re so much fun. I read all seven in the span of a month a few years back. Do yourself a favor and crack them open, it’ll be worth it.

Ookla the Mok by Blake Sims

12 Jul

I did this one to warm up, Ookla is a strangely designed character.


I have vague memories of the Thundarr cartoon, so I had to do a little research on Ookla. I found an image of him riding this strange ‘My Little Pony’ type animal. It was pretty sweet, but at the same time a little too wimpy for a badass like Ookla.


Ookla the Mok

10 Jul


Ookla from THUNDARR? Chewbacca? A gorilla with a lion head? I’m calling it Ookla, but you can be the judge.

Milk and Cheese by Blake Sims

6 Jul


Milk & Cheese by Donal DeLay

6 Jul


Cheese looks like he should be named Tofu, instead.