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Lone Ranger by Donal Delay

30 Jun

Lone ranger by Donal Delay

Lone Ranger sketch. The LR’s mask is made from a piece of his dead brother’s shirt, who was shot twice in the chest, and is worn as a tribute. This is that moment poorly recreated by me using a great photo from JFAN PHOTOGRAPHY as reference.


Lone Ranger by Blake Sims

30 Jun

This one is pretty straight forward. I was going to be a tough guy and draw Silver, but my crushing inability to draw horses prevented that. The Lone Ranger has an amazing costume though, you can tell he’s a badass. Who else would wear a baby blue jumpsuit/ scarf ensemble through the desert?

Lone Ranger by Aaron Bir

30 Jun

Lone Ranger by Aaron Bir

This one’s a bit silly, but the idea was suggested by a friend of mine and decided to run with it.