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Madman Vs. The Tentacles by Aaron Bir

18 Aug

Madman vs. The Tentacles by Aaron Bir


I love Madman and the surreal, pop art world that Mike Allred created. Allred also has one of the most beautiful brush strokes in the industry. I, on the other hand, drew this after four cups of coffee. Hope you dig it regardless of my shakiness,



17 Aug

Blake and Aaron aren’t intimidating enough with their last posts, they have to up the bar by choosing Madman. I admit, I’ve never read the books, but Allred’s art is so amazing, and the character is so much fun to look at you just WANT to draw him. So, I froze, and this is what happens. I promise to not suck next time.

Madman by Blake Sims

15 Aug

For the latest theme we will be doing Mike Allred’s Madman:


I remember reading my brother’s copy of Madman Adventures, I got into it seriously around high school. Allred created such a vibrant and fully formed world. You should check out the Atomics as well, it’s a great book. Hell read anything with his name on it.