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Cloud Sea Lions.

17 Aug


This week’s theme was to go outside and look at the clouds, draw a grouping of cluds, then draw what we saw them as. You know, like you did as a kid, you’d look at a cloud and it would be a turtle.



17 Aug

Blake and Aaron aren’t intimidating enough with their last posts, they have to up the bar by choosing Madman. I admit, I’ve never read the books, but Allred’s art is so amazing, and the character is so much fun to look at you just WANT to draw him. So, I froze, and this is what happens. I promise to not suck next time.

Adapting A Novel.

29 Jul

The theme this week is to adapt a scene from a novel we’ve read. So, I adapted the entire story, from the only prose novel I’ve ever read start-to-finish, and remember anything about. Not including audiobooks.

Shortest story ever written: “For sale: Baby shoes. Never used.” by Ernest Hemmingway.

Howard The Duck.

22 Jul


I don’t know much about the character aside from the movie. I assume he’s a curmudgeonly cuss, and just drew him as such.

Harry Potter.

14 Jul


I’ll just apologize to the fans now. I’m sorry.

Ookla the Mok

10 Jul


Ookla from THUNDARR? Chewbacca? A gorilla with a lion head? I’m calling it Ookla, but you can be the judge.

Milk & Cheese by Donal DeLay

6 Jul


Cheese looks like he should be named Tofu, instead.