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Madman by Blake Sims

15 Aug

For the latest theme we will be doing Mike Allred’s Madman:


I remember reading my brother’s copy of Madman Adventures, I got into it seriously around high school. Allred created such a vibrant and fully formed world. You should check out the Atomics as well, it’s a great book. Hell read anything with his name on it.


Kurt Vonnegut’s ‘Mother Night’ by Blake Sims

4 Aug

When the theme was chosen, I knew I was going to choose a book by Vonnegut. I read Man Without A Country and never looked back. I tore through Slaughter-House Five, demolished Cat’s Cradle, flew through Player Piano, etc.

My first choice for this entry was probably Slaughter-House Five, but then I remembered Mother Night. I read it directly after Jailbird, both shared similar themes, although Mother Night came out first. It’s definitely the better book. I’m pretty sure Vonnegut himself said so.

Rough plot to catch you up to this chapter of the book (stolen from wikipedia):

The fictional story of Howard W. Campbell Jr, an American, who moved to Germany directly after World War I and then later became alternately a well-known playwright and a Nazi propagandist. The action of the novel is narrated by Campbell himself. The premise is that he is writing his memoirs while awaiting trial for war crimes in an Israeli prison.


Howard the Duck by Blake Sims

23 Jul


My first real exposure to Howard the Duck was the MAX mini-series from the early 2000’s.  I was in high school when it came out, reading it kind of blew my mind. I dug Gerber’s story and the art by Phil Winslade/ Glenn Fabry (who did all 6 covers and pencils of #3). Flipping through it the other day I realized how much Gerber took advantage of the MAX imprint, pretty strange stuff.

With that I decided to draw Howard in Duck and Mouse/Rat form.

Harry Potter by Blake Sims Part 2

18 Jul

So I’m back as promised. This time I chose to do some of the supporting characters that I loved.

My number one as always is Remus Lupin, I love that dude. Then of course Mad Eye Moody, and the ever awesome Sirius, and how can you not love Hagrid?!




Harry Potter by Blake Sims

14 Jul

In honor of the release of the final movie this round of Lay of the Line will be devoted to Harry Potter.

As a pretty big Potter fan I’ll probably be geeking out a little and posting a few different drawings. First up, Harry vs Voldemort:

Even though the movies are out there, I can’t recommend the books enough. They’re so much fun. I read all seven in the span of a month a few years back. Do yourself a favor and crack them open, it’ll be worth it.

Ookla the Mok by Blake Sims

12 Jul

I did this one to warm up, Ookla is a strangely designed character.


I have vague memories of the Thundarr cartoon, so I had to do a little research on Ookla. I found an image of him riding this strange ‘My Little Pony’ type animal. It was pretty sweet, but at the same time a little too wimpy for a badass like Ookla.


Milk and Cheese by Blake Sims

6 Jul