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Adapting A Novel.

29 Jul

The theme this week is to adapt a scene from a novel we’ve read. So, I adapted the entire story, from the only prose novel I’ve ever read start-to-finish, and remember anything about. Not including audiobooks.

Shortest story ever written: “For sale: Baby shoes. Never used.” by Ernest Hemmingway.


Howard the Duck by Blake Sims

23 Jul


My first real exposure to Howard the Duck was the MAX mini-series from the early 2000’s.  I was in high school when it came out, reading it kind of blew my mind. I dug Gerber’s story and the art by Phil Winslade/ Glenn Fabry (who did all 6 covers and pencils of #3). Flipping through it the other day I realized how much Gerber took advantage of the MAX imprint, pretty strange stuff.

With that I decided to draw Howard in Duck and Mouse/Rat form.

Howard The Duck.

22 Jul


I don’t know much about the character aside from the movie. I assume he’s a curmudgeonly cuss, and just drew him as such.

Howard the Duck by Aaron Bir

20 Jul

Howard the Duck by Aaron Bir

Don’t have a whole lot to say about this one. I think it worked out okay.

Harry Potter by Blake Sims Part 2

18 Jul

So I’m back as promised. This time I chose to do some of the supporting characters that I loved.

My number one as always is Remus Lupin, I love that dude. Then of course Mad Eye Moody, and the ever awesome Sirius, and how can you not love Hagrid?!




Harry Potter by Aaron Bir

15 Jul

Harry Potter by Aaron Bir

An anticipation of the new and final Harry Potter movie, here’s my rendition of the leading man. I’m pretty happy with this one and look forward to any feedback. Thanks!

P.S. The runes spell Expecto Patronum, on repeat. 😉

Harry Potter.

14 Jul


I’ll just apologize to the fans now. I’m sorry.