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Lone Ranger by Donal Delay

30 Jun

Lone ranger by Donal Delay

Lone Ranger sketch. The LR’s mask is made from a piece of his dead brother’s shirt, who was shot twice in the chest, and is worn as a tribute. This is that moment poorly recreated by me using a great photo from JFAN PHOTOGRAPHY as reference.


Lone Ranger by Blake Sims

30 Jun

This one is pretty straight forward. I was going to be a tough guy and draw Silver, but my crushing inability to draw horses prevented that. The Lone Ranger has an amazing costume though, you can tell he’s a badass. Who else would wear a baby blue jumpsuit/ scarf ensemble through the desert?

Lone Ranger by Aaron Bir

30 Jun

Lone Ranger by Aaron Bir

This one’s a bit silly, but the idea was suggested by a friend of mine and decided to run with it.

Link by Donal Delay

22 Jun

link by donal delay

He’s not 18 feet tall, I just can’t draw low angle fish-eye perspective very well.

Link by Blake Sims

21 Jun

This was my warm up sketch.


This is the one where I tried to experiment a little. I’m not 100% sure if there are ghosts in the Zelda games, but there should be.

Link by Aaron Bir

21 Jun

Link by Aaron Bir

Here’s my first one. Wanted to make a really dynamic image that was very colorful. Think I succeeded on those fronts. Not so sure about the composition.

Welcome to Lay of the Line!

6 Jun

This a brand new, themed, art blog from some comic artists you may, or may not, of heard about. Blake Sims, Donal Delay and Aaron Bir will be bringing you art based on themes and characters of our choosing or your suggestions (if we think they sound like a good time).

We are all cartoonists and all share a strong belief the main purpose of a comic artist is to convey story first. While this will mostly be static illustrations, we hope to convey that aesthetic and have fun while doing it. It also an opportunity for you to see four distinct styles tackle the same subject matter.

So stick around, pull up a chair, throw us some feedback, and be sure to invite your friends.